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It does not seem 6 months ago that I interviewed Greg Smith, founder of Believe Foundation, and discovered on man's vision and dedication to build the Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment.  And give back to the community he was raised in by providing underprivileged kids hope for brighter future.  And time has not lessened his determination to achieve his goals. In a recent update Greg sent me, Believe Foundation starte a free after school workshop in the same community they plan on building the school in. The workshop, which began April 18th will run for ten weeks, and allow kids the opportunity to develop skills in music production and visual art.  So quickly has the workshop grown.  Greg has already run out of music computers and is in desperate need of more and of donations.  Greg asks, "If anyone knows of any music computer companies that would like to donate some equipment to our classes please email us with that information". 

Email to : info@believefoundationusa.org

greg smith with students in the music production workshop

​music  computers   are  a vital  ingredient  of  the  music  production  workshop

Emmy award winning artist, Charles Ragins, who has worked on The Simpsons for 25 years, with students in the visual art workshop.  The workshop's success is a testimony to the children who have a real desire and thirst to attain opportunity to realize their dreams, and they have found an alternative to becoming involved with gangs on the streets.  In my interview with Greg, he talked of launching a major talent show. "I am going to launch a major talent show within the next couple of weeks, an American Idol style /Apollo [Theater] talent show, where kids will be performing in front of Michael Bearden and Sean Holt, and we're trying to get Slash to be judge.  There are a lot of names we are trying  to bring in that Michael has access to.  He can actually put these kids in front of them. I am not saying a record deal,but at least give them the exposure."

​Well perhaps the show didn't happen then, but Greg has just recently announced that it will be coming soon, and is in need of dance crews, singers, dancers, and performers of all ages and types.  The show will be held in L.A. and Long Beach so if you live in the area and know of anyone who would like to  participate, email Greg at:  info@believefoundation.org.

One final update he gave, and perhaps is most exciting, is Believe Foundation will start the process of building an Arts and Entertainment school so that it will be open in the fall of 2014.  What might have seemed impossible to many, Greg and his team are now starting to make it a reality, and it is due in large to the determination, dedication, hard work, purpose, and faith of this wonderful group of people, and to the many people who support them in their endeavor. 

please, watch their most recent promotional video:

Of course, Believe Foundation will still be in need of contributions and donations to see the project through to it's finish.  They are grateful and appreciative for any help they receive, and donations can be made by hitting the donation button at the top of the page or visit www.gofundme.com/believefoundation

Thank you Greg,  for your wonderful vision.  Thank you for believing in it and making it happen.

​By Valmai Owens

Valmai was born in New Zealand, and after living in Australia for 8 years, moved to the United States in 2000.  She has been working a a volunteer for the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait as Tribute Book Editor, and Director of Publications since August 2009. The Official Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait book, Fans in the Mirror, was published in June 2010, for the first anniversary of Michael's passing.  She is a writer, editor and poet.  Michael has always been a supreme influence her life.  From beginning to end, he was and still is a force that inspires her through love, to make positive changes in the world and people lives.  Encouraging and inspiring others to carry on his work: to never forget the gift that was Michael, is of the utmost importance to her.

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